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When I was a teenager I would look at the National Geographic and Popular Photography magazines and dream of going to exotic locations to take pictures. I took many imaginary trips through the images displayed in those magazines. There is nothing wrong with wanting to travel and capture great images but it makes us ignore the fact that beautiful pictures can be created anywhere including your “backyard”.

Begin by exploring places that are close by. For example, my wife Sonia loves flowers and has a variety of them around the house and in the garden. Flowers can be a good subject for your photography.



Walk around your neighborhood you may be surprised by the places and things that can create a good image.


A short time after I moved here I discovered that the Aldridge Creek Greenway was a short walk from the house. I have literally taken thousands of pictures there under different weather conditions and time of day.




You do not have to leave Huntsville to find create find great photo locations. Some of my local favorites are

1. Monte Sano State Park

2. Burritt Museum

3. U.S. Space and Rocket Center

4. Big Spring Park

5. Huntsville Botanical Garden

6. Madison Nature Trail

7. Hays Nature Preserve

8. Ditto Landing

These local sites and many more can be found in Trip Advisor’s Things to Do in Huntsville page.

Within a few hours’ drive from Huntsville you can find a great number of photographically interesting spots:

1. The covered bridges in Blount County

2. Palisades Park in Oneonta

3. Cathedral Caverns

4. De Soto Falls

5. Dismals Canyon

A list of state parks can be found here

So do not be discouraged by the fact that you have not be able to travel to the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower. There is plenty of local beauty to be found. Even if you are a world traveler it’s hard to ignore what you have right in your backyard.

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